It’s an honor and a privilege to serve Minnesota’s finest homebuilders, homeowners, and business professionals. We’re far from the biggest operation in Minnesota, but we guarantee we’re one of the best. Together, our small team of electricians has more than a century of experience based upon excruciating attention to detail and exceptional service.

We love what we do. Whether we’re helping someone change a hard-to-reach light bulb or we’re rewiring a home on the historical registry or we’re working hand in hand with other trades to create a blueprint for a multi-million dollar dream house, we always end the day with a profound sense of accomplishment.

It feels good to know that someone’s life was made brighter because of our expertise.
• Want it done perfectly the first time, within budget; and on schedule? 
• Appreciate exceptional workmanship? 
• Expect extraordinary;attention to detail for; optimal safety and beauty? 
• Prefer professionals who; are responsive, responsible; and remarkably friendly?

About HiTec Electric