Had a great experience with HiTec. Very professional, friendly, honest, interaction. They found and resolved a outside light circuit problem in short time. Turned out to be a tripped GF further up circuit. Had another boys electrical company out and they charged $69 trip charge and wanted $500 to even diagnose or troubleshoot the problem. I sent them packing quickly.

HiTec solved the problem in very short order at a fraction of the cost. I'd highly recommend them.
Russ H. - Eden Prairie, Minnesota

HITEC made my dream house shine! They are the best electricians in the world! They set up the electric perfectly for my entire home, including a huge handmade chandelier that hangs 23 feet high and is several hundred pounds. When we asked HITEC to install it, Peder just smiled and said, Yeah, we’ll do that.”

Whatever you need, whatever you want, HITEC will do it well and with a genuinely positive attitude. They truly go above and beyond for their customers.”
Kathy Baer - Golden Valley, Minnesota

“When we remodeled our 23 year old home, we wanted our lighting to be state of the art and HITEC Electric made it happen, They were extremely accommodating and very positive about every request. Since then, they’ve been generous and supportive when we’ve had any questions. They are wonderful to do business with and good-hearted people.”
Tiki Spell - Edina, Minnesota


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